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Sleep Consultations
Sleep is so important for your babyís development. I have helped many families teach their babies to sleep through the night. Good sleep habits give you a happier, healthier and more confident child. Studies show that a good nights sleep is essential for a childís:
  • Development
  • Learning Skills
  • Concentration
  • Social Interaction
  • Contentment
I will assess the issues that are happening with your baby and then discuss with you the appropriate plan of action. Sometimes when you have a fussy baby it can be simply resolved by establishing a good routine and feeding schedule, along with the appropriate amount of sleep. I will also observe and help decifer if your baby may have any other issues that could be keeping your baby from sleeping restfully. If needed I would suggest you seek advice from your pediatrician.
Consultations can be done by phone, email or in your home. I am also available to come and spend a few nights in your home to resolve any sleep issues your baby may be having.
Nursery Set-Up
Itís important to be organized and ready before the birth of your baby. I am available to help you find and register for all you need, or may not need. I provide a list of all the products and items you need before the baby comes home. This makes gift registry a lot easier.
I like to make sure you have a comprehensive list of everything that is needed, from cribs to strollers, including how many onesies you may need, to which diaper cream is the most effective. It is also important to make sure the nursery is laid out in a safe and practical way. I can help to make sure you have what you need in the right place to ensure safety and efficiency.
General Consultations
Some families need a little guidance and someone to turn to for advice. With the vast amount of experience and expertise that Helen has, Helen can be your go to person and is for many of her clients. Helen helps with all things related to family and babies.

Phone consultations: for any advice you need.

At home consultations: for a more personal touch(in the Los Angeles area). Would you like an in home class on how to prepare for baby - swaddling, diapering, bathing, feeding etc. Once you've had your baby if you need a little support and advice on how to create a good schedule and routine Helen is able to help, and advise you on the best possible approach for you and your baby. Helen offers daytime consults or night time support.
Newborn Specialist
Working With Multiples
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