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Newborn Care Specialist
Helen Moon is a certified baby specialist with more than twenty five years of professional experience. One of the most exclusive childcare experts in the United States and United Kingdom. Helen knows that the first six weeks of a baby's life have a huge impact on the entire family - parents tend to be nervous, siblings needy, and new babies demand immediate and constant attention. Helen's philosophy CHERISH
teaches parents how to get their newborn off to the best start possible in a calm loving way. When the baby is calm and relaxed, the parents are calm and relaxed and able to understand their babies cries and cues in a more confident positive light. Helen completed the prestigious English nanny training course NNEB (Nursery Nurse
Examination Board) certification in 1985 and attended U.C.L.A to become a certificed lactation educator in 2005. Then add to the mix Helen's 27 years of experience working for many families. Helen can quite comfortably say she has seen and heard it all.
Care Specialist Duties
  • Organizing the nursery for the best efficiency.
  • Establising feeding schedules and sleeping routines.
  • Knowledgeable and supportive with breastfeeding.
  • Show Mom breastfeeding positions and techniques.
  • Takes care of expressed breast milk and storage.
  • Clean and sterilizes all bottles.
  • Safely prepares formula.
  • Always keep a log of feedings and diaper changes.
  • Assisting mom with night feedings.
  • Can do night feedings without waking the parents.
  • Experienced in the care of circumcision.
  • Will alert parents to all possible problems.
  • Teaches parents all the baby care basics.
  • Very experienced with multiples and preemies.
  • Changes clothing and bedding frequently.
  • Alerts you when supplies are needed.
  • Takes some of the burden off the Father by helping the Mom
  • Can give advice and provide parents with the right resources on child care.
With such good postpartum care, Helen can help ease the transition with non-judgmental, supportive information about newborn care and breast feeding, or by simply preparing you a cup of tea and giving you a chance to talk about your new mothering concerns.
Consistency: Consistency is one of the most important ways to show and teach babies and children to feel secure.
Happy Habits: Babies learn quickly: they learn good habits . . . or bad habits.
Eating & Sleeping: Eating and Sleeping go together. To nurse or not to nurse . . . milk formula vs. soy formula and supporting your own nutrition.
Routine: Establishing a routine for both eating and sleeping ensures that your babyís needs are met. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of sticking to a routine.
Involvement: Babies are comforted by hearing your voice, knowing you are paying attention, and spending time with you in an engaged, real way.
Self-Soothing: When you help your baby to learn to self-soothe, you give him the emotional tools that will last a lifetime Ė literally.
Health (Issues): Every baby is a unique individual, just as we are and they also have different health issues.
When you follow these steps and your baby is eating well, has learnt to self-soothe and sleeps, you will have a happy baby! Itís not complicated; itís a mixture of love and gentle guidance with a lot of consistency!
Sleeping Training
Working With Multiples
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