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Have you found out youíre expecting twins or even triplets? Feeling completely overwhelmed and how youíre going to cope? As you can imagine, taking care of more than one baby at a time is going to require commitment and organization, add that to my experience with multiples and we can make this the easiest transition into multiple parenthood possible. I can help and show you how to get all the babies on the same schedule for eating and sleeping, so you can maximize your sleep time. So you can enjoy your babies to the fullest instead of being in a constant exhausted haze. With a little patience and commitment your babies can be sleeping, eating and playing just as happily as a single baby.
Feeding more than one baby at a time takes a little bit of skill, but can easily be done, when you know how. Helen has helped many moms learn to breastfeed two babies at once. She also taught a few Dads how to bottle feed two babies at once so that mom can either have a little break or else, feed the third baby.
Twins and triplets have a strong bond from the very beginning, after all they have just spent close to 9 months curled up next to each other. I think itís important to keep them close to each other for as long as you can. They really love to snuggle up close to one another, and will actually move in closer to feel each other when they are sleeping.
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