Hidden dangers that are found in Baby’s food!

We try our best to provide our babies with the best love, care, safety and consistency in their lives, but there are many hidden dangers. Some of the biggest come from the pollutants we find in the food we give to our babies.

Agricultural chemicals are one of these. Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are sprayed with all sorts of chemicals, even though your baby will get these in very small doses, they are more prone to their toxicity than an adult. It’s best to choose organic whenever you can.

Baby Cereals can be a source of danger also. Canada did a study checking the cereal used for baby products and found that many baby cereals in fact, contain mycotoxins. These are harmful moulds that are associated with poor growth and development. They can also suppress a child’s immune system. Plus, many mycotoxins are strong cancer-causing agents.

Meat and Dairy Products, as we all know, these have hidden dangers as well. Hormones and anti-biotics are so harmful to us and especially to our little ones. Conventionally raised animals are fed hormones to grow bigger and faster, kept inconfined spaces and fed grains (which by the way is not their normal diet and they find it hard to digest). This in turn makes them sick and so they are given anti-biotics. The best type of meat and dairy for your baby is from grass fed animal products. All dairy and meat products should be free range or organic.

Food containers, as we have all been made aware of, have their own hidden dangers. Plastic trays, metal cans, and plastic wrapping can all be made using chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and other phthalates. BPA is one type of phthalate. However, most baby bottles, sippy cups, and other baby food containers no longer contain BPA. But did you know the lining of metal cans also contains BPA. It really is something we need to be concerned about as it has been linked to early onset of puberty, diabetes, hyperactivity, cancer, and immune system dysfunctions.